We are what we eat, absorb and digest!

Macronutrients are Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat. By finding your ideal amount intake of Macros based on your routine and lifestyle I can control your food portions towards your goal, being it Fat Loss, Weight Gain or Weight Maintenance.

 Knowing your macros, your goal and your food preferences I build your Meal Plan in a way that you will not struggle to follow or crave for food during the day, instead of craving you will actually fell more satisfied than you were on your old diet; the reason for that is that in a Macro controlled diet you will be eating Nutrient Dense foods, which means that you will eat more volume for less calories.

Let me clarify that Calorie counting is different than Macro counting. On calorie counting you will eat whatever food you may desire regardless of its amount of carbs, protein and fat, that way you are way more susceptible to not being successful on achieving your fitness goal.

// Macronutrients

Your Meal plans are designed according to your likes and dislikes for food but it’s important to highlight here that it will not include fast foods and industrialised foods.


My intention is making you feel good and energised for your workouts and for your daily routine and that will be your Meal Plan role, as we all know We are what we eat!

Micronutrients are Vitamins and Minerals that have no measurable energy content. They are required in our body in tiny amounts micro/mile grams.

The Micronutrients interact with many of the enzymes and they help to regulate nervous function, muscle contraction and regulate energy production, which means that if your body is depleted in some Vitamins & Minerals you can feel the effects on your willingness to do your daily tasks and feel symptoms like fatigue.


Micronutrients also maintain bone and blood health and our immune function.

You can get all the Vitamins you need from Foods, having a good diet is the perfect strategy to be healthy, feel good and energised.

Fluids are essential for life. All our body cells and organs require water to function.

Water function: Acts as lubricant, saliva, joint fluid and regulates body temperature.

We can get our water from drinking water, eating foods rich in fluid such as fruits for example.

On the other hand, we can get dehydrated, which means to have inadequate amount of liquid in our body.


Reasons for dehydration:

  • Not drinking enough water

  • Drinking alcohol

  • Exercise without hydrating &

  • Hot climates.


Fluids & Hydration

When dehydrated we have headaches, thirsty and fatigue.


Dehydration also affects our energy levels and consequently exercise performance, blood volume, heart rate, cardiac output and body temperature (increases).

A perfect rehydration drink is a mixture of Water, Rock Salt and Lemon. With these ingredients we can get back in our body H20 and all the electrolytes that we need to keep ourselves hydrated.

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