Hey! I am Vanessa Stefani and I am glad you are here.
I am a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist and I am here to help you to achieve your Fitness goals with no restrictive diets nor obligation to train inside a gym facility!

I am a Personal Trainer & Nutritionist and I am here to help you with my Training Programmes and Meal Plans to achieve your fitness goals and consequently improve your life.

Now you might be thinking: - Right Vanessa so what’s different from the other thousands of online fitness programmes out there?

Having your nutrition on point is crucial for your fitness success. I work with a Macros Counting system where I calculate your ideal portions of Macros (Carbohydrate / Protein /Fat) and also your Micronutrients (Vitamins / Minerals) intake; the most interesting part is that your Meal Plans are 100% Personalised according to your food preferences, that way you do not refrain yourself from the pleasure of eating but you change the way you behave with food.


Along the program I will teach you about the importance of Macros and Micro Nutrients and guide you through the benefits and harms of certain foods and eating habits. You also get a training programme every week that is designed specifically for your fitness goal and is supported by the meal plan where you will have suggestions of the right foods for the goal set.

I will follow up with periodically and according to the programme that you are in and daily by the Active Endorphins App. It’s a free download App that allows us to communicate during the entire program and help me to track your workouts. I will send you meal plans and training programmes on the app, I will text to check up on you and ask for feedback on your training and diet this way I can ensure that you are progressing on fitness journey.

Interested in changing your life and take your Endorphins to the next level? 


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