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Get custom Train Programmes with videos explaining every movement, check in your workouts and cardio, track your resting period between sets, update your body status periodically, keep your trainer posted about your progress and send text messages as well all in App powered by @trainerize.


Yeah!You will be connected with your coach at all times. If you sign up for one of our Group Training you even get access to the Group Page where all participants on that Program share their experiences and struggles along their Fitness journey. 

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Sign up today and be healthier with Active Endorphins, we are looking forward to workout with you! This community feeling is very important when we try to do something different that are maybe far away from our comfort zone, the support and motivation that you will get from sharing experiences in group or on your one to one training is wonderful! 


Get custom meal plans set up to suit your routine and especially to achieve your goals. Track your Macros intake and keep your coach posted about your progress all in App  (free download) @trainerize.


Yeah! You get your meal plan along with your training programme. Your diet experience will be great with us, we do not support restrictive diets, we believe in eating healthy in right size portions for your level of activity versus your goal.

Being on diet can be easier that you think!

Eat food rich in nutrients not calories, make smart choices and go for the right foods that will properly fuel your body is the best you can ever do for yourself, once you start to feel the changes on your metabolism and it reflects on your routine and you end up having more energy and being more willing to do your daily activities you will be surprised and glad that you started looking after the most worthy property of yours: YOUR BODY!

Sign up and start being healthier today!

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We offer 4, 8, 10 & 12 weeks Plans for one to one and Group Training, each one is built strictly to meet your goals all in App (free download) powered by @ttrainerize.

Sign up now and be able to have an online coach that you can reach at all times in app, see video workouts to understand the correct movements to perform, update body status, meals intake and keep your coach posted about your work at all times.

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